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Little Chatterbox provides young children with the key words that will help them in all further exposures to your chosen language. Repetition is built into the game routines to help children acquire these words faster.

But for your child to truly learn a new language, Little Chatterbox will be just one of the tools you will need. You should also buy books, show your child cartoons – in fact, make sure you maximise exposure to the language through any which means.

That’s why we’ve added this resource section, to give you ideas. (We hope you will also contribute your ideas and recommendations to help us enrich this section and make this even more helpful.)

There is no magic solution – giving your child a new language will take a lot of effort on everybody’s part. When you think about it, it takes children several years of near constant exposure for them to learn their native language. So it will not take any less for the second language.

But we think it’s worth it!

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