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language learning features

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and games

Key words are the first words young children learn when they’re starting to communicate – the words for things in their world that they can understand. With a strong foundation of key words, your child will begin to understand other words used around them, word patterns and eventually grammar systems.

But children need to hear key words up to 20 times to remember them. This is where an app comes in handy. Little Chatterbox uses repetition and games to reinforce learning. The games test children’s knowledge, turning passive learning into active usage, helping anchor memories.  The games are also a subtle way of repeating words, again and again and again.

Watch videos

of older children

enunciating words

When children are learning new words, they benefit hugely from being able to see someone’s mouth moving as they form the words. Speech voice divorced from a face is much harder to comprehend – that’s why it’s so difficult to speak on the phone in a foreign language.

Little Chatterbox uses videos of older children saying each word. By watching these native speakers as they enunciate, your child will pick up vital cues to help them pronounce new words confidently.

Watch how two children enunciate words differently, and how the lip movement gives us cues.

Choose bilingual or

monolingual settings

If you have a very young child who is learning two languages simultaneously, Little Chatterbox’s bilingual setting will reinforce both languages and show them how one object can have two names.

Older children (aged 3+) who already have a good understanding of their main language can use Little Chatterbox in its monolingual setting, to focus on the new language they’re learning.



Learn together

to learn faster

Children learn new words faster when they practice saying them out loud, rather than just hearing them. So, by using Little Chatterbox together with your child and encouraging them to say the words themselves, you’ll speed their confidence. A little praise goes a long way too!

Here’s what other parents

say about our language learning app

We are proud to announce that Little Chatterbox is now approved by
the prestigious, independent Parents’ Choice Foundation.

“When my first son was born, I was able to really focus on teaching him Mandarin, and he did really well. But when my second son was born, it became very difficult because he had speech delays and the nursery recommended we only use English at home. So now I try any which way to make Mandarin fun, and the Little Chatterbox App is great – I organise competitions between the two boys and they love it. Their speech has really improved – real chatterboxes!”

– Cathy, Mom & Mandarin teacher for children


“We really want our two girls to be able to speak with the French side of their family, but Julien who is the French speaker is not often at home during the week, and then the week-ends are busy – we feel the girls are not getting as much exposure as I wish – so we are always looking for new ways to engage them in French.  We found the app and use it as a fun way to connect – it’s an additional tool we use.  The games are fun and the girls like it.”

– Natalie, Mom


“I think when you grow up as an English speaker, there is little incentive to learn another language, and it’s a real shame – I wish I had learned another language. I would really like my children to learn Spanish. So I bought the app to to play with them at home, because I know the earlier you start the better it is.”

– Kate, Mom


“We live in France, and I just know that English is now a pre-requisite on the marketplace.  We learned English at school – I can read, but my speech is not great.  I know you have to start earlier, so I bought some books and the app, and we play with it together at home. I notice which words she has learned recently and then reuse them later – it helps me too.”

– Мари, мама, Франция