Children And Technology

We recognize that some parents have concerns about young children using electronic media. However, here at Little Chatterbox we believe that as this technology is now part of our world, learning how to use it appropriately is an important part of children’s development.

We also believe that apps’ interactive nature allows them to deliver much better quality educational content to students of all ages than either TV or the internet. An app’s ability to turn learning into a game and to use mixed media, with images and videos makes for a much more fun and engaging educational experience.

We’re advocates of using apps in a carefully managed way:

  • – at certain times
  • – for a limited time
  • – providing fun educational content
  • – with no open access to either the internet or paid add-ons

We also believe there’s a big difference between using apps for active learning (e.g. an educational app like an interactive language teaching tool) as opposed to passive consumption (e.g. watching cartoons). Many parents find some form of screen-based entertainment very helpful as part of family life – we say if you’re going to let your child watch something, they might as well learn from it!

What’s more, Little Chatterbox produces best results when child and adult use it together. Learning key words together, watching your child demonstrate their knowledge via fun games and praising their progress add up to a shared experience that is far more beneficial and enjoyable than leaving them to watch alone. We hope our app will be used as part of family life, not taking away from it.

Finally, Little Chatterbox is a closed app – your child will not be accessing the internet while using it. This offers far greater safety and reassurance than watching internet-based educational videos, where children can click their way from suitable media to far less desirable content all too easily.